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Reproduction German WWII Fieldgray M40 Overcoat/Greatcoat :

World war two (WW2,wwii) German army overcoat is the pre/early war model most commonly worn during the invasion of Russian campaign and even to the end of the war. The M40 features a fieldgray collar instead of the dark green collar like the M34/36 and has two rows of 6 buttons and buttonholes on the chest so it can be buttoned either right or left. It is double-breasted field gray European wool with french cuffs, and two curved flap front pockets. The back has the full-length pleat, which is sewn closed, but could be opened. At the end of the pleat it opened, but can be closed by four small buttons. There is a belt in the back, about waist high, that has a two buttons. At the bottom of the greatcoat there are four hooks, which can be attached to the loops sewn into the side at the waist for mounting into vehicles or for fast movement. Lining is the green/gray cotton and has an inside pocket for a wallet or Soldbuch. The greatcoat has the correct keyhole buttonholes. Comes with 2 buttons and loops on the shoulders for shoulder boards to be attached. Collar is properly zigzagged stitched and has a tab under the left side. WW2 German Overcoat is individually priced at Euro 135, UK Pound 116, US$ 181 including delivery anywhere in the world.