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Second/Late Pattern in Denison smock

The 1st pattern smock design was replaced in 1944 by a second pattern which has buttoning tabs at the cuffs and brass snap astainer to stow the tail flap on back of jacket when not needed. Other detail diffrences includes reduced length and tubeshaped rather tapered sleeve. The second pattern of smock comes with half-zip fastener made of brass. The colour of second pattern also differed from those of the earlier smocks,the base colour of varying from a light medium olive combination with raddish and dark olive green. these colour were thought better suited to the northen western european theatre. This one has cuffs that close with a button tab ,and snap in back for securing the csotch flap. The Second pattern (Late) smock individually priced at UK POUND 55, US$ 105 delivered anywhere in the world.