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Welcome to our Ordering Information page. This is where you'll get all our questions answered about how to order about us.
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Gurantee :
We guarantee all our merchandise against defects in materials and workmanship 60 days of purchase but we are not be responsible if the product has been altered or if damage is caused from other conditions such as improper care.
Quality Of Product :
We attempt to supply the best quality and most authentic product possible. If you have have a question regarding any of our products do not hesitate to contact us.
Payment details :
Payment details forward to Payment Page.
Credit :
Our Products are custom made or are specialty items we must pay for them in advance. This means that our cash flow is committed and we are not in a position to offer credit. Payment is due at the time of order. Custom made items require a deposit of 50% with the balance due to shippment.
Availability of Product :
We confirm that every item is currently available. Ecnomic climate manufactures produce only those items that continueto sell well. We have no control over this situation.
Delivery of Product :
Your order of production will be shipped within 30 days. Delivery dates for major contracts will be established at the item of order.
Shipping Charges :
Shipping rates include the cost of packaging.